RCA Interest Meeting


February 3, 2023

Join us for our very first "Interest Meeting" to discuss the importance of a christian school in our academy and what it will take for Redeemer Apostolic Church to continue through the 2023-24 school year. 

SUNDAY MARCH 12TH @ 2PM in church fellowship hall

Firstly, Christian education emphasizes a biblical worldview, teaching students to view the world through a Christian lens. This helps students to develop a moral foundation and learn to apply Christian principles in their daily lives. Secondly, Christian education encourages students to develop their talents and gifts in order to serve God and His people. It also provides an environment conducive to spiritual growth and understanding of scripture. Finally, Christian education models a life of service and dedication, teaching students to be compassionate and generous members of society.

Christian education is designed to foster a sense of community and fellowship among students. By attending Christian schools, students learn to appreciate and respect the beliefs of others, and to work together to achieve common goals. Christian education also provides an environment of support, allowing students to express themselves and understand the importance of faith in their lives. Additionally, Christian education can help students develop their academic and social skills, enabling them to become successful adults and productive members of society.

Christian education has the potential to transform lives and provide students with a solid foundation of faith. By attending a Christian school, students can gain a deeper understanding of Christianity and how it applies to their lives. Through their studies, they can learn to apply biblical principles to their everyday lives, while also learning the importance of compassion, love and respect. Ultimately, Christian education can help students to develop a strong sense of identity, purpose, and meaning in their lives.

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